The World To Come

It’s very easy to feel overwhelmed and helpless these days. It seems like everyday we turn on the television, get on the internet or listen to the radio, we are confronted with the latest issues plaguing our world. Whether natural disasters, radical Islamic terrorism, mass shootings, or domestic social/political unrest, one is regularly informed with […]

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One day we move and leave this place, and enter a world with a friendly face. Once felt abused, once felt betrayed, but now no more, all this will fade. A journey home, a journey back, A city full of all that lacked. The streets are gold, the sky is blue, Never have you seen […]

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Virtue: Nature or Nurture?

Is virtue something one is naturally born with or is it something that one learns to develop throughout life? When our culture hears that word virtue, we tend to think it simply means, “being good,” or “doing what you are told,” or “someone who just obeys the rules.” But the ancient world knew that virtue […]

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Jürgen Moltmann and His Theology

German theologian Jürgen Moltmann has been regarded as one of the most influential Protestant theologians of his generation, particularly for his work concerning Christian eschatology. Moltmann became widely known after the publication of his first work Theology of Hope. He later followed this up with The Crucified God and The Church in the Power of the Spirit. For Moltmann, […]

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Throughout the years there have been a handful of books that have proven to be monumental in shaping my faith as a Christian. These books include St. Augustine’s The Confessions, Thomas à Kempis’ The Imitation of Christ, John Calvin’s The Institutes of the Christian Religion, C.S. Lewis’ Mere Christianity and Dallas Willard’s The Divine Conspiracy. Although these books were nothing short […]